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Children's toy motor electric paper airplane model folding DIY paper Power Toys Airplane Rc Folding Motor Power Red Rc Plane
Specifications: 1. Color box size: about 26*3.5*10.5cm/ 10.24 * 1.38 * 4.13in 2. Material: A4 printing paper (or 8.5 * 11cm/3.35 * 4.33in paper), electronic component, plastic 3. Style: 2-color paper 4. Batteries: batteries boxes, 3*AA batteries (not included) 5. Color of box: orange, green and blue. Random 6.Manual DIY origami with power module Product Description Tired of your paper planes hitting the ground before you could even start enjoying the moment? We get it. It takes favorable weather conditions and a near-perfect throwing technique to keep your paper airplanes airborne for more than a couple of seconds. In fact, the longest recorded paper plane flight time (thrown from the ground) was just under 30 seconds. That's how challenging the whole thing is. But what if you could give your creations a little extra power? What if there was a way to easily shatter the 30 seconds world record for the longest paper plane flight? Fly longer, farther and higher than you ever thought possible with the POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit! Meticulously engineered to turn your paper airplanes into actual flying machines, the POWERUP 2.0 Airplane Conversion Kit gives your creations enough juice to stay airborne for over 30 seconds on a single charge (which only takes up to 20 seconds). The engine also works with an impressive range of paper plane designs so there's really no limit to the kinds you can pilot. The pack even comes with two sample designs that you can start with and build on as you become more experienced. Using it is as easy as child play. Slide the propeller unit onto a homemade paper airplane you make, quick charge within 20-seconds and launch!. Sounds promising, right? It's also an educational experience - POWERUP 2.0 meshes origami, physics and incorporates all the components of STEM, (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). This unique combination allows for schools and teachers to educate students using project based learning and learning the principles of Flight and Aerodynamics. ✅ Suitable for large indoor, football field and park. ✅ Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included) ✅ Super durable ✅ POWERUP 2.0 Electric motor module is compatible with most paper airplane books and craft kits Give yourself the gift of more satisfying flights! Add the POWERUP 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Motor Conversion Kit to your cart NOW!         Many friends are the first time to purchase goods. There are many doubts and worries about freight transportation. Here are some topics that are often concerned about, hoping to eliminate some doubts and concerns.    I: It's good to send a shipment or express mail? Solution: Freight is almost all large transactions, small bag small wrap has a minimum consumption, 30-55 yuan, so less goods, shipping is not necessarily cost-effective, Guangdong province orders and foreign orders less than 500 yuan, choose Express delivery is preferred!   2: How much is the freight? Solution: Take dedicated line logistics as an example. Generally speaking, in first-tier cities in China, the price of a shipment does not exceed that of 40 yuan, and the transit does not exceed that of 60 yuan. Debang, Tiandi Huayu, Xinbang and Jiaji are relatively high, depending on the carrier company.    Three: How long does it take to ship? Interpretation: Chenghai is a toy factory in the world. The logistics industry is very developed. It can reach the first-tier big cities in China within four days, and the transit city lasts about a week. Fatabang and other well-known domestic logistics, the time is about a day or two longer than the special line logistics, we and your estimated transport time, only for reference, not excluding individual weather, vehicle arrangements, traffic conditions and many other factors, but failed to arrive on time, hope not to embarrass us!   Four: Be careful to pick up the location! Solution: Compared with Debang and Jiaji, there is a drawback in the logistics of dedicated lines. The outlets are not comprehensive enough. Generally, a city has only one service point, and many county-level cities are less. Although the line logistics freight rate is cheap, but may appear to be dozens of kilometers away from their own location, so it is necessary to choose a freight company, understand the specific arrival of the location, in order to avoid time and effort to run dozens of kilometers of goods, that is definitely not worth the loss! &; nbsp;   Fifth: When picking up the goods, it was found that the outer case was seriously damaged. What should be done to deal with the crushing? Interpretation: Please contact me at the first time 0754-85634544!! Inform the extent of damage and missing quantity, and we will coordinate with the freight forwarding company to solve! Unauthorized signature of delivery, so that the freight company rationally evades responsibility, resulting in our dilemma, will not be protected by us, the consequences of their own! purchase notes 1. Source description Self - produced and sold, the company's production cycle is short and the quality of goods is guaranteed. 2. About Size The dimensions are all measured manually. Due to different measuring tools and methods, there will be an error of 1-2cm. Please refer to the actual products. 3. About Colo All the products in our store are taken in kind, and the color has been professionally proofread, which is the closest to the tile picture in kind. Because of the difference in color contrast and color temperature of the computer monitor, etc. 4. Customer service If you do not reply in time, please leave a message and we will reply you as soon as possible.Please understand! 5. Quality Influencing the normal use of commodities, such as breakage, cracking, serious defects, rupture, etc. are regarded as quality problems, and our shop is responsible. However, due to delivery delay, slight deviation in size, different from imagination, slight color difference, material feel dislike and so on are not quality problems. 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