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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PlayStation 5
Features What's Included: Force feedback racing wheel, Pedals, Power supply, User documentation Works with PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 - Logitech Driving Force steering wheel is designed for the latest racing game titles for your PlayStation4 or PlayStation3 console. Add Driving Force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again. Realistic Force Feedback - Logitech G29 Driving Force is engineered with dual-motor force feedback that is designed to realistically simulate the feel of your car and tires on every turn and type of terrain so you can sense under- or oversteer, drifting and more. With helical gears modeled after the gearing used in car transmissions, you get exceptionally smooth, quiet and precise steering action. Anti-backlash hardware keeps the wheel and pedals tight, maximizing your control. Quality Construction - With solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft and stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals, Driving Force is built for precision racing and long-lasting reliability. The wheel is covered in high-quality, hand-stitched leather, giving it the look and feel of a high-performance racecar wheel and giving you a more comfortable, durable experience. Durable built-in clamps and bolt points allow Driving Force to be mounted securely to a table or racing rig to minimize shifting or wobbling during aggressive maneuvers. Easy-Access Game Controls - D-Pad, console buttons and semi-automatic paddle shifters are conveniently located on the wheel for seamless access to all your racing controls. The LED indicator lights positioned just above the center of the wheel tell you exactly when to up- or down-shift so you can maintain maximum acceleration without taking your eyes off the track. A 24-point selection dial and +/- buttons on the front of the wheel let you further fine-tune your driving preferences. Responsive Pedal Unit - Maintain a more realistic body position for driving. Logitech G920 racing wheel includes a separate floor pedal unit that integrates throttle, brake, and clutch pedals. You can comfortably brake, accelerate and change gears like you would in an actual car. The nonlinear brake pedal mimics the performance of pressure-sensitive brake systems for a more responsive, accurate braking feel. Product Description Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel is the definitive sim racing hardware for the latest PS4, PS3 and PC titles. With dual-motor force feedback and helical gearing for quiet, smooth steering. Stainless steel paddle shifters and RPM/Shift indicator LEDs help you make crisp, fluid gear transitions without taking your eyes off the track. The separate pedal unit gives you natural, responsive control with a nonlinear brake pedal that mimics the feel of high-performance vehicles.
T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4
Product Description Sit behind the wheel of the Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition Racing Wheel, officially licensed by Ferrari and PS4! It is designed to provide total realism in all PS4 racing games that support wheels. There's even rubber textured cladding on the wheel's grip surface! T80 racing is also compatible with PC (Windows 7/8/10), this Thrustmaster steering wheel includes a large 2-pedal pedal set. Realistic linear wheel resistance with automatic re-centering (exclusive Thrustmaster® “Bungee Cord” system). Wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters—2 up & down digital paddle shifters for switching gears more quickly. Large pedal set with adjustable angle of inclination & wide footrest for ultraprecise, comfortable acceleration & braking. Central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stabilityIncludes 2-pedal set, attachment system & user manual FEATURES:Realistic linear wheel resistance with automatic re-centering (exclusive Thrustmaster® “Bungee Cord” system)Wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters—2 up & down digital paddle shifters for switching gears more quicklyLarge pedal set with adjustable angle of inclination & wide footrest for ultraprecise, comfortable acceleration & brakingCentral clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability Includes 2-pedal set, attachment system & user manualOfficially co-licensed by Ferrari® & Sony®Built-in PS, SHARE & OPTIONS buttons for easy navigation within the PS4™ system & in-games menusErgonomically designed wheel, optimized for all types of racing games on the PlayStation®4 system (Gran Turismo † , F1™, stock car, rally, arcade, etc.)
T150 RS Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4
Product Description The T150 Force Feedback and T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback racing wheels have been designed to offer unrivalled versatility, through PlayStation®4-certified embedded software (ensuring automatic recognition of the racing wheel by the PS4™) and a PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch, allowing gamers to play on either system – both racing wheels feature an official license. PC compatibility (Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP) is ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers available for download at These allow gamers to always have the latest firmware version available for the racing wheel's base and internal memory. Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback – 1080° Force Feedback racing wheel for PS4, PS3 and PC Price-to-performance ratio and multi-platform versatility, in addition to dual official licenses for both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 and compatibility with PC, delivering unrivaled flexibility for gamers of all levels – from beginners to experienced racers – and on all types of racing circuits. Official racing wheel for PS4™ and PS3™, compatible with PC Official racing wheel, ensuring automatic recognition by PS4™ systems. The PS4™/PS3™ sliding switch ensures optimum compatibility with both systems. Can also be used on PC, thanks to Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP compatibility. Realistic Force Feedback effects Experience every racing sensation to the fullest thanks to the realistic Force Feedback – the road or track's relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts, etc. A smooth, precise and silent racing wheel, featuring a mixed belt-pulley and gears system. Extreme racing precision A rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080° allows gamers to race in all vehicles with unrivalled realism. High-precision racing wheel: optical reading with 12-bit resolution (i.e. 4,096 values on the wheel's steering axis) Maximum racing comfort The wheel features reinforced rubber-coated grips. Sequential gear shifts are facilitated by the 2 large, 100% metal wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters. Perfectly realistic wheel 11”/28 cm diameter racing wheel, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all driving games (GT, Formula 1, NASCAR, rally, etc.) All controls within easy reach Never take your hands off the wheel, thanks to the built-in official buttons (PS / SHARE / OPTIONS). Easily access all social functions, switch between the game and the system, navigate through the console's menus, etc. Wide, optimized pedal set Brake and accelerate like you would in a car. Adjust the pedals for optimum comfort; each pedal's angle of inclination can be adjusted in three different positions. Pedals feature a wide footrest. The brake pedal's progressive resistance delivers enhanced realism. Compatible with Thrustmaster accessories Compatible with the Thrustmaster T3PA* 3-pedal pedal set. Compatible with the Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO* 3-pedal pedal set. Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A* shifter. *Sold separately FEATURES: Official racing simulator for PS4/PS3 (also compatible on PC). PS4/PS3 sliding switch 1080 degree Force Feedback system: Mixed belt-pulley and gears system with metal ball-bearing axle. Wide pedal set included: Each pedal's angle of inclination can be adjusted, three adjustment angles available. Compatible with Thrustmaster accessories: Compatible with the T3PA* and T3PA-PRO* (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals Add-on) pedal sets; compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A* shifter. * Sold separately.
Multi-Format Steering Wheel and Pedals
Product Description This universal game steering wheel set is the perfect compliment to your PC, PS3, PS4 or Xbox One console. Complete with wheel-mounted paddle shifters this universal Multi-Format Steering Wheel and Pedals set is perfect for your favourite driving game. The steering wheel has a 180° rotation for more realism and precision driving, and also features 3 different driving modes to suit the player. The steering wheel has re-programmable buttons built-in which can be adapted to suit your racing style. Full Throttle, Full Control The wheel features a setup that simulates the ergonomic design of a supercar, complete with shift paddles and re-programmable buttons to give you the edge you need. Precise Movements The 180° wheel rotation allows you to create precise manoeuvres, giving you optimal performance for all your driving games. Five suction cups on the base stabilize the wheel and keep it fixed in place on any surface. Pressure Sensitive Pedals The driving pedals feature a sturdy and stable base with anti-slip pads to help your pedals stay right where you put them. Experience fine control with the accurate, pressure-sensitive acceleration and brake pedals. FEATURES: Official Numskull product. Anti Slip Pads: Features analog pedals with anti-slip pads and 23 cm diameter wheel with a 180° rotation for more realism and precision driving. Adaptable: Re-programmable buttons can be adapted to all types of games and consoles. Multi Format: Plugs directly into the controller and console. This Universal Racing Wheel is compatible with the majority of racing games including Gran Turismo Sport, Forza motor sport 7, Drive club, Project Cars, Forza Horizon and GTA V. Works with PS3, PS4, PC & XBOX One. Audio not included: Please note that headphones/headsets are not supported with this wheel.
Sony New DualShock 4 Black Wireless Controller
Features Refined Analog Sticks And Triggers - Get the edge with a much tighter sense of control over in-game actions. Light Bar - See even more of your games with the integrated light bar that glows with various colors depending on in-game action - now visible on the touch pad. USB Battery Charging - Charge the controller's internal battery from your PS4 USB port, giving you hassle-free charging as you play. Stereo Headset Jack - Listen to your games in private and hear every boom, bang and blast with an integrated 3.5mm audio jack for your headphones. Motion Sensors - Rock and roll as a highly sensitive built-in accelerometer and gyroscope detect the motion, tilt and rotation of your DualShock 4 wireless controller. Built-In Speaker - Bring your games to life and hear every detail with sound effects coming directly from your DualShock 4 wireless controller. Product Description Experience the power of gaming at your fingertips. The Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 enhances your gaming experience. With revolutionary features and comfort with intuitive, precision controls you can fully experience your favorite video games. The analog sticks and trigger buttons deliver greater response and sensitivity along with a multi touch pad for a more natural gameplay. In addition, the PlayStation Camera and Share button features make social media capabilities and playing with friends easy and painless. Join a new era of gaming with the Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock Wireless Controller.
Sony DUALSHOCK 4 Back Button Attachment
Features Customize To Your Needs - With the back button attachment you’re able to choose from 16 different functions and save up to three profiles. Easy To Program - Scroll through the different button combinations on a digital screen and assign them with a single button. Perfectly Positioned -The tactile buttons seamlessly integrate with the DualShock 4 wireless controller’s design. Audio Headset Integration - Keep your head in the game. Thanks to a 3.5mm audio input in the base of the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment you can listen to your favorite audio seamlessly. Product Description Get more versatility and performance when gaming with the Sony DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment. Experience the comfort of the DualShock 4 controller you’ve come to love, upgraded. With precision in mind, the two tactile back buttons are designed to get an edge in your favorite titles. *PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation® VR and PlayStation® Camera are required to experience VR functionality. **Headset not included. Headset pass through requires 3.5 mm wired headset to the controller. A dedicated button that allows you to remap inputs on the fly so you are always prepared no matter what game you're playing. A high-fidelity OLED display that provides clean cut information around button assignments as well as the ability to save and choose button presets to fit any gaming situation. Compete at your best while experiencing games with crystal clear communication with friends and teammates through the headset pass through. *PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality. Headset not included. Headset pass through requires 3.5 mm wired headset to the controller.
Sony PlayStation Camera for PlayStation 4
Features Required For PlayStation® VR - PlayStation® Camera combines with PlayStation® VR to transport you to unexplored virtual worlds full of possibilities. Innovative Gameplay Possibilities - 3D depth-sensing technology accurately tracks your body as well as DUALSHOCK®4 and PlayStation® Move controllers to provide an intuitive and extraordinary gaming experience. Easy System Navigation - Facial recognition automatically logs you in, and voice commands let you navigate your PS4™ hands-free. Broadcast Your Gaming Greatness - Personalize and share your gameplay livestreams with picture in picture video. Be The Star Of Your Own Show - Narrate your game walkthroughs featuring HD video and voice chat via four built-in microphones. Product Description Discover new ways to play and share your epic adventures with the PlayStation® Camera. Its wide-angle dual lenses and four-microphone array combine to make it the perfect companion for your PlayStation®4. Depth-sensing 3D technology accurately tracks you, your DUALSHOCK™4, and PlayStation® Move controllers to provide an intuitive and extraordinary gaming experience. Personalize and share your gameplay livestreams and Sharefactory™ videos with picture in picture video. Automatically log in via facial recognition, and use voice commands to easily navigate the PS4™ menu and launch games. Then combine PlayStation® Camera with PlayStation® VR to explore a whole new universe of possibilities.
Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controllers 2 Pack
Features Accurately tracks your every movement. Bluetooth® technology for wireless gaming. Precisely tracks both fast and subtle movements. Sphere's light provides visual feedback during gameplay. Vibration feedback is felt during specific actions. Use up to four motion controllers with your PS3. Pair with navigation controller (sold separately) in compatible games. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3 system via a USB cable. Product Description The sleek PlayStation® Move Motion controller (2 pack) is your key to unlocking an interactive gaming experience. Grab a move motion controller and immerse yourself into all the gaming possibilities. Paired with the PlayStation® Eye camera, the motion controller translates your every move into the game with absolute precision. Use the motion controller as a blade to slay foes, a brush to groom your fluffy pet, or a bat to drive home the winning run — there's a PlayStation® Move title for every member of the family. Expand your gaming abilities even further by using two motion controllers to track movement with both hands. Punch and jab in the boxing ring, or draw your arrow and release in an archery tournament. it's possible only on the PlayStation®3 system.
T.Flight HOTAS 4 Flight Stick for PlayStation 4
Features Ergonomically designed to adapt to all types of flight Adjustable stick resistance Large hand rest Weighted base for enhanced stability Real-size detachable throttle Dual rudder system-rotating handle with integrated locking system or progressive tilting lever 5 axes, 12 action buttons, 1 rapid fire trigger, 1 multidirectional hat switch Automatic recognition by PS4™ Official PS4™ buttons (PS/Share/Options) PC compatibility (Windows® 10/8/7/Vista) Compatible in the system's menus Product Description The Thrust master Flight Hotas 4 Flight Stick for PS4 & PC is ready for takeoff with adjustable stick resistance, real-size detachable throttle, dual rudder system and built-in PS4 / PC sliding switch. This realistic joystick is ergonomically designed to adapt to all types of flights (aerial combat, space adventure, civil flight, etc.). There is adjustable stick resistance and a large hand rest for comfort during those long flights. The dual rudder system operates by rotating the handle (with integrated locking system) or by the progressive tilting lever. This flight stick is also compatible with the Thrust master TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals (sold separately). Its weighted base provides enhanced stability, and the comprehensive flight gear offers 5 axes + 12 action buttons + 1 rapid fire trigger + 1 multidirectional hat switch (navigation / panoramic view). Embedded software is certified for PlayStation4 and there is automatic recognition by the PS4 system. Official PlayStation4 buttons are included (PS / SHARE / OPTIONS). The Thrust master Flight Hotas 4 Flight Stick is also compatible with PC (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP) thanks to Thrust master drivers available for download from our website.
Quickshot Controller Kit for PlayStation 4
Features Customize your controller for better grip and fastertrigger response.Improve reaction time with customizable trigger locksTextured grip for improved control.Easy to install. Product Description Custom trigger stop designed for the Playstation® 4 controller.Shorter trigger distance allows for faster shots while the addedtexture and greater surface area provideenhanced ergonomics.
Q3 Pearl Obsidian Arcade Joystick
Product Description Take your tournament gaming to the next level with the Qanba Q3 Obsidian Arcade Pearl Joystick! This is a premium, tournament ready joystick in a white colorway. It's officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It also works for PCs via wired USB cable.
Drone Fight Stick for PlayStation 4
Features PlayStation®4/PlayStation®3/PC compatibleOfficially licensed Sony PlayStation® peripheralUSB wired connectionAuthentic Qanba buttons and Qanba stick Product Description Entry level joystick that is good for beginners. Lightweight and compact which is good for travel. Black & yellow in design. Drone/bee theme
Mobile Gaming Trigger Pro Controller
Mobile Gaming Trigger Pro Controller
Emerge Technologies
Crystal Fight Stick for PlayStation 4
Features PlayStation®4/PlayStation®3/PC compatibleOfficially licensed Sony PlayStation® peripheralUSB wired connectionAuthentic Qanba LED buttons and Qanba LED stickTouch Pad mouseCarry HandleMagnetic USB door and magnetic handle Product Description Full size joystick for competitive players. Great value for competitive players seeking a full size joystick
Raion Fightpad for PlayStation 4
Features 6 face button layout for quick access to all commands Razer™ Mechanical Switch face buttons for lightning-fast inputs Razer™ Mecha-Tactile 8-way D-pad for flawless execution Competition Mode to lock buttons and prevent accidental inputs 3.5mm analog audio port for hassle-free headset connection Product Description Attention fighting game fans: here comes a new challenger. With a 6 face button layout using Razer™ Mechanical Switches and a Mecha-tactile 8-way D-pad, the Razer Raion is a top-tier pick that oozes arcade feel, and is optimized to give you the control and execution you need to thrive in the Fighting Game Community.