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Atrix Universal Game Storage Tower
Features This shelf is optimized to fit your PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 games, plus BluRays, and DVDs. Holds up to 24 of your favorite discs. Multi-position design means shelves can stack vertically and horizontally at your discretion. #protip: After you assemble, try to keep it that way. This bad boy is pretty sturdy once you put it all together so it can be tough to take apart. Product Description For the avid video game collector, games are more than just what you play. They’re the entire package. The art. The Steelbooks. Everything that makes games (and Blurays, etc.) so special. For these reasons and more, we introduce the Atrix Gaming Storage Tower – the perfect way to store and display those games with pride. And because as we all know, you can never be too organized. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MANUAL
Accumulator Game Storage Tower
Features New from GameRiderOrganizes and stores your video gamesHolds 24 CartridgesAccommodates newer games, older games, as well as DVD & Blu-Ray cartridgesStacks vertically and horizontally Product Description GameRider's Accumulator Game Storage Tower will keep your video games organized and has an open storage with vertical stacking for easy access. This gaming shelf can hold up to 24 video games. Perfect for video games, DVDs and Blu-Ray cartridges.