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SNES Fork Parker's Crunch Out - Super Nintendo
Product Description THE WORLD'S WORST VIDEO GAME EXECUTIVE IS AT IT AGAIN, TIGHTENING DEADLINES AND DEMANDING CRUNCH TIME TO STAY ON TRACK AND HIT THAT RELEASE DATE Fork Parker's Crunch Out is a collaboration between Mega Cat Studios, Devolver Digital, and Take This for the label's first-ever Super Nintendo Entertainment System release starring the company's larger than life CFO, Fork Parker. The game aims to raise awareness of the all too real issue of game dev crunch through a playful look at the pressures of game development, exaggerated by the menace that is a game publisher executive. Devolver Digital is donating 100% of their profits from sales to Take This to support their ongoing efforts to raise awareness and combat mental health issues. Learn more about Take This and their noble efforts: Devolver Digital CFO, Fork Parker, enjoyed a life of luxury and spent his days watching the profits roll in from the lucrative indie game publishing industry. However, an upstart new publishing label threatens to take his beloved market share, forcing the handsome executive to take matters into his own hands and start 'motivating' his game developers by any means necessary. Meaningless elements like “artistic integrity” and “engaging gameplay” are out the window as efficiency and deadlines now dictate the studio's every move - welcome to crunch time. *The SuperCIC chip in SNES games allow the board to run in any region, but there will be some speed differences when played on a PAL console, since the PAL consoles have a different refresh rate than NTSC consoles. Furious task management and questionable motivation tactics are your tools. Coffee, discipline, and shock treatment are all in play if your team slips off their production schedule. Spend your profits from each game wisely - do you invest in a new espresso machine to keep the your dev team happy, or buy some winged wingtips to help you zip around the office? Deploy strategic power-ups, like unpaid interns working for exposure and mandatory overtime to stay on track and hit that release date. Take executive action in exciting and intense mini-games to keep the office in order. When the internet drops out or your beloved wife calls in, only Fork and his pet piggy bank, Pork Farker, can save the game and the bottom line.
Mega Cat Studios
SNES Little Medusa - Super Nintendo
Product Description Get Ready to Gorgon Become a polymorphed deity and take back Mount Olympus in this action puzzler. The Titans have escaped their eternal prisons and transformed Artemiza, a young goddess, into a gorgon. Now she must petrify enemies, solve puzzles, and dodge traps in her battle to save the realms of the gods. Never played Kickle Cubicle because you didn't have a classic console? Or did you beat it and find yourself wanting more? Either way, we've got you covered in this homage to that classic title. This spiritual successor offers the same frantic puzzle action and adds all new features, mechanics, and gameplay! New graphics, new music, new sounds, and new secrets for the SNES version! A lovable protagonist brought to life with beautiful, hand-drawn art that shines with charm! 5 worlds of puzzling petrification! Clash with centaurs, fallen heroes, and the Titans themselves! Think you're fast enough? Then sprint to complete each stage under the target time limit and unlock the hidden 6th world! Challenging obstacles and brain-boggling action found in each new area! Solve the puzzles fast enough and unlock a secret world, complete with a new ending to the story! An exciting story inspired by Greek mythology, told through animated cut scenes! 15 unlockable achievements will keep you coming back for more! For all the Greek gods and goddesses out there, we've added Olympian Mode, a hard as rock challenge with permadeath. You've got one chance to get beat each stage, defeat all the Titans, and Go Full Gorgon to unlock the final achievement!
Mega Cat Studios